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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 5.37.0
    00f50fb6 · Mark version 5.37.0 ·
    Version 5.37.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Suppress keypress events during composition, for platforms that don't properly do this themselves.
    [xml-fold addon]( Improve handling of line-wrapped opening tags.
    [javascript mode]( Improve TypeScript support.
    [python mode]( Highlight expressions inside format strings.
    ### New features
    [vim bindings]( Add support for '(' and ')' movement.
    New themes: [idea](, [ssms](, [gruvbox-dark](
  • 5.36.0
    860e9518 · Mark version 5.36.0 ·
    Version 5.36.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Make sure all document-level event handlers are registered on the document that the editor is part of.
    Fix issue that prevented edits whose origin starts with `+` from being combined in history events for an editor-less document.
    [multiplex addon]( Improve handling of indentation.
    [merge addon]( Use CSS `:after` element to style the scroll-lock icon.
    [javascript-hint addon]( Don't provide completions in JSON mode.
    [continuelist addon]( Fix numbering error.
    [show-hint addon]( Make `fromList` completion strategy act on the current token up to the cursor, rather than the entire token.
    [markdown mode]( Fix a regexp with potentially exponental complexity.
    ### New features
    New theme: [lucario](
  • 5.35.0
    33301204 · Mark version 5.35.0 ·
    Version 5.35.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix problem where selection undo might change read-only documents.
    Fix crash when calling `addLineWidget` on a document that has no attached editor.
    [searchcursor addon]( Fix behavior of `^` in multiline regexp mode.
    [match-highlighter addon]( Fix problem with matching words that have regexp special syntax in them.
    [sublime bindings]( Fix `addCursorToSelection` for short lines.
    [javascript mode]( Support TypeScript intersection types, dynamic `import`.
    [stex mode]( Fix parsing of `\(` `\)` delimiters, recognize more atom arguments.
    [haskell mode]( Highlight more builtins, support `<*` and `*>`.
    [sql mode]( Make it possible to disable backslash escapes in strings for dialects that don't have them, do this for MS SQL.
    [dockerfile mode]( Highlight strings and ports, recognize more instructions.
    ### New features
    [vim bindings]( Support alternative delimiters in replace command.
  • 5.34.0
    77bf4007 · Mark version 5.34.0 ·
    Version 5.34.0
    ### Bug fixes
    [markdown mode]( Fix a problem where inline styles would persist across list items.
    [sublime bindings]( Fix the `toggleBookmark` command.
    [closebrackets addon]( Improve behavior when closing triple quotes.
    [xml-fold addon]( Fix folding of line-broken XML tags.
    [shell mode]( Better handling of nested quoting.
    [javascript-lint addon]( Clean up and simplify.
    [matchbrackets addon]( Fix support for multiple editors at the same time.
    ### New features
    New themes: [oceanic-next]( and [shadowfox](
  • 5.33.0
    2f4fb805 · Mark version 5.33.0 ·
    Version 5.33.0
    ### Bug fixes
    [lint addon]( Make updates more efficient.
    [css mode]( The mode is now properly case-insensitive.
    [continuelist addon]( Fix broken handling of unordered lists introduced in previous release.
    [swift]( and [scala]( modes: Support nested block comments.
    [mllike mode]( Improve OCaml support.
    [sublime bindings]( Use the proper key bindings for `addCursorToNextLine` and `addCursorToPrevLine`.
    ### New features
    [jsx mode]( Support JSX fragments.
    [closetag addon]( Add an option to disable auto-indenting.
  • 5.32.0
    89595f55 · Mark version 5.32.0 ·
    Version 5.32.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Increase contrast on default bracket-matching colors.
    [javascript mode]( Recognize TypeScript type parameters for calls, type guards, and type parameter defaults. Improve handling of `enum` and `module` keywords.
    [comment addon]( Fix bug when uncommenting a comment that spans all but the last selected line.
    [searchcursor addon]( Fix bug in case folding.
    [emacs bindings]( Prevent single-character deletions from resetting the kill ring.
    [closebrackets addon]( Tweak quote matching behavior.
    ### New features
    [continuelist addon]( Increment ordered list numbers when adding one.
  • 5.31.0
    f936d89e · Mark version 5.31.0 ·
    Version 5.31.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Further improve selection drawing and cursor motion in right-to-left documents.
    [vim bindings]( Fix ctrl-w behavior, support quote-dot and backtick-dot marks, make the wide cursor visible in contentEditable [input mode](
    [continuecomment addon]( Fix bug when pressing enter after a single-line block comment.
    [markdown mode]( Fix issue with leaving indented fenced code blocks.
    [javascript mode]( Fix bad parsing of operators without spaces between them. Fix some corner cases around semicolon insertion and regexps.
    ### New features
    Modes added with [`addOverlay`]( now have access to a [`baseToken`]( method on their input stream, giving access to the tokens of the underlying mode.
  • 5.30.0
    a0c56295 · Mark version 5.30.0 ·
    Version 5.30.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fixed a number of issues with drawing right-to-left selections and mouse selection in bidirectional text.
    [search addon]( Fix crash when restarting search after doing empty search.
    [mark-selection addon](http://cm/doc/manual.html#addon_mark-selection): Fix off-by-one bug.
    [tern addon]( Fix bad request made when editing at the bottom of a large document.
    [javascript mode]( Improve parsing in a number of corner cases.
    [markdown mode]( Fix crash when a sub-mode doesn't support indentation, allow uppercase X in task lists.
    [gfm mode]( Don't highlight SHA1 'hashes' without numbers to avoid false positives.
    [soy mode]( Support injected data and `@param` in comments.
    ### New features
    [simple mode addon]( Allow groups in regexps when `token` isn't an array.
  • 5.29.0
    ab868db8 · Mark version 5.29.0 ·
    Version 5.29.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix crash in contentEditable input style when editing near a bookmark.
    Make sure change origins are preserved when splitting changes on [read-only marks](
    [javascript mode]( More support for TypeScript syntax.
    [d mode]( Support nested comments.
    [python mode]( Improve tokenizing of operators.
    [markdown mode]( Further improve CommonMark conformance.
    [css mode]( Don't run comment tokens through the mode's state machine.
    [shell mode]( Allow strings to span lines.
    [search addon]( Fix crash in persistent search when `extraKeys` is null.
  • 5.28.0
    6df6280e · Mark version 5.28.0 ·
    Version 5.28.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix copying of, or replacing editor content with, a single dash character when copying a big selection in some corner cases.
    Make [`"goLineLeft"`](`"goLineRight"` behave better on wrapped lines.
    [sql mode]( Fix tokenizing of multi-dot operator and allow digits in subfield names.
    [searchcursor addon]( Fix infinite loop on some composed character inputs.
    [markdown mode]( Make list parsing more CommonMark-compliant.
    [gfm mode]( Highlight colon syntax for emoji.
    ### New features
    Expose [`startOperation`]( and `endOperation` for explicit operation management.
    [sublime bindings]( Add extend-selection (Ctrl-Alt- or Cmd-Shift-Up/Down).
  • 5.27.4
    b695f230 · Mark version 5.27.4 ·
    Version 5.27.4
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix crash when using mode lookahead.
    [markdown mode]( Don't block inner mode's indentation support.
  • 5.27.2
    682cb4fc · Mark version 5.27.2 ·
    Version 5.27.2
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix crash in the [simple mode]( addon.
  • 5.27.0
    314bd7fd · Mark version 5.27.0 ·
    Version 5.27.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix infinite loop in forced display update.
    Properly disable the hidden textarea when `readOnly` is `"nocursor"`.
    Calling the `Doc` constructor without `new` works again.
    [sql mode]( Handle nested comments.
    [javascript mode]( Improve support for TypeScript syntax.
    [markdown mode]( Fix bug where markup was ignored on indented paragraph lines.
    [vim bindings]( Referencing invalid registers no longer causes an uncaught exception.
    [rust mode]( Add the correct MIME type.
    [matchbrackets addon]( Document options.
    ### New features
    Mouse button clicks can now be bound in keymaps by using names like `"LeftClick"` or `"Ctrl-Alt-MiddleTripleClick"`. When bound to a function, that function will be passed the position of the click as second argument.
    The behavior of mouse selection and dragging can now be customized with the [`configureMouse`]( option.
    Modes can now look ahead across line boundaries with the [`StringStream`](`.lookahead` method.
    Introduces a `"type"` token type, makes modes that recognize types output it, and add styling for it to the themes.
    New [`pasteLinesPerSelection`]( option to control the behavior of pasting multiple lines into multiple selections.
    [searchcursor addon]( Support multi-line regular expression matches, and normalize strings when matching.
  • 5.26.0
    a66bcf59 · Mark version 5.26.0 ·
    Version 5.26.0
    ### Bug fixes
    In textarea-mode, don't reset the input field during composition.
    More careful restoration of selections in widgets, during editor redraw.
    [javascript mode]( More TypeScript parsing fixes.
    [julia mode]( Fix issue where the mode gets stuck.
    [markdown mode]( Understand cross-line links, parse all bracketed things as links.
    [soy mode]( Support single-quoted strings.
    [go mode]( Don't try to indent inside strings or comments.
    ### New features
    [vim bindings]( Parse line offsets in line or range specs.
  • 5.25.2
    2474ce6e · Mark version 5.25.2 ·
    Version 5.25.2
    ### Bug fixes
    Better handling of selections that cover the whole viewport in contentEditable-mode.
    No longer accidentally scroll the editor into view when calling `setValue`.
    Work around Chrome Android bug when converting screen coordinates to editor positions.
    Make sure long-clicking a selection sets a cursor and doesn't show the editor losing focus.
    Fix issue where pointer events were incorrectly disabled on Chrome's overlay scrollbars.
    [javascript mode]( Recognize annotations and TypeScript-style type parameters.
    [shell mode]( Handle nested braces.
    [markdown mode]( Make parsing of strong/em delimiters CommonMark-compliant.
  • 5.25.0
    727b10ab · Mark version 5.25.0 ·
    Version 5.25.0
    ### Bug fixes
    In contentEditable-mode, properly locate changes that repeat a character when inserted with IME.
    Fix handling of selections bigger than the viewport in contentEditable mode.
    Improve handling of changes that insert or delete lines in contentEditable mode.
    Count Unicode control characters 0x80 to 0x9F as special (non-printing) chars.
    Fix handling of shadow DOM roots when finding the active element.
    Add `role=presentation` to more DOM elements to improve screen reader support.
    [merge addon]( Make aligning of unchanged chunks more robust.
    [comment addon]( Fix comment-toggling on a block of text that starts and ends in a (differnet) block comment.
    [javascript mode]( Improve support for TypeScript syntax.
    [r mode]( Fix indentation after semicolon-less statements.
    [shell mode]( Properly handle escaped parentheses in parenthesized expressions.
    [markdown mode]( Fix a few bugs around leaving fenced code blocks.
    [soy mode]( Improve indentation.
    ### New features
    [lint addon]( Support asynchronous linters that return promises.
    [continuelist addon]( Support continuing task lists.
    [vim bindings]( Make Y behave like yy.
    [sql mode]( Support sqlite dialect.
  • 5.24.2
    948f94fc · Mark version 5.24.2 ·
    Version 5.24.2
    ### Bug fixes
    [javascript mode]( Support computed class method names.
    [merge addon]( Improve aligning of unchanged code in the presence of marks and line widgets.
  • 5.24.0
    ddd5130e · Mark version 5.24.0 ·
    Version 5.24.0
    ### Bug fixes
    A cursor directly before a line-wrapping break is now drawn before or after the line break depending on which direction you arrived from.
    Visual cursor motion in line-wrapped right-to-left text should be much more correct.
    Fix bug in handling of read-only marked text.
    [shell mode]( Properly tokenize nested parentheses.
    [python mode]( Support underscores in number literals.
    [sass mode]( Uses the full list of CSS properties and keywords from the CSS mode, rather than defining its own incomplete subset.
    [css mode]( Expose `lineComment` property for LESS and SCSS dialects. Recognize vendor prefixes on pseudo-elements.
    [julia mode]( Properly indent `elseif` lines.
    [markdown mode]( Properly recognize the end of fenced code blocks when inside other markup.
    [scala mode]( Improve handling of operators containing <code>#</code>, <code>@</code>, and <code>:</code> chars.
    [xml mode]( Allow dashes in HTML tag names.
    [javascript mode]( Improve parsing of async methods, TypeScript-style comma-separated superclass lists.
    [indent-fold addon]( Ignore comment lines.
    ### New features
    Positions now support a `sticky` property which determines whether they should be associated with the character before (value `"before"`) or after (value `"after"`) them.
    [vim bindings]( Make it possible to remove built-in bindings through the API.
    [comment addon]( Support a per-mode <code>useInnerComments</code> option to optionally suppress descending to the inner modes to get comment strings.
    ### Breaking changes
    The [sass mode]( now depends on the [css mode](
  • 5.23.0
    73638df4 · Mark version 5.23.0 ·
    Version 5.23.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Presentation-related elements DOM elements are now marked as such to help screen readers.
    [markdown mode]( Be more picky about what HTML tags look like to avoid false positives.
    ### New features
    `findModeByMIME` now understands `+json` and `+xml` MIME suffixes.
    [closebrackets addon]( Add support for an `override` option to ignore language-specific defaults.
    [panel addon]( Add a `stable` option that auto-scrolls the content to keep it in the same place when inserting/removing a panel.
  • 5.22.2
    5a22a208 · Mark version 5.22.2 ·