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Version 5.30.0

### Bug fixes

Fixed a number of issues with drawing right-to-left selections and mouse selection in bidirectional text.

[search addon]( Fix crash when restarting search after doing empty search.

[mark-selection addon](http://cm/doc/manual.html#addon_mark-selection): Fix off-by-one bug.

[tern addon]( Fix bad request made when editing at the bottom of a large document.

[javascript mode]( Improve parsing in a number of corner cases.

[markdown mode]( Fix crash when a sub-mode doesn't support indentation, allow uppercase X in task lists.

[gfm mode]( Don't highlight SHA1 'hashes' without numbers to avoid false positives.

[soy mode]( Support injected data and `@param` in comments.

### New features

[simple mode addon]( Allow groups in regexps when `token` isn't an array.