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Version 5.27.0

### Bug fixes

Fix infinite loop in forced display update.

Properly disable the hidden textarea when `readOnly` is `"nocursor"`.

Calling the `Doc` constructor without `new` works again.

[sql mode]( Handle nested comments.

[javascript mode]( Improve support for TypeScript syntax.

[markdown mode]( Fix bug where markup was ignored on indented paragraph lines.

[vim bindings]( Referencing invalid registers no longer causes an uncaught exception.

[rust mode]( Add the correct MIME type.

[matchbrackets addon]( Document options.

### New features

Mouse button clicks can now be bound in keymaps by using names like `"LeftClick"` or `"Ctrl-Alt-MiddleTripleClick"`. When bound to a function, that function will be passed the position of the click as second argument.

The behavior of mouse selection and dragging can now be customized with the [`configureMouse`]( option.

Modes can now look ahead across line boundaries with the [`StringStream`](`.lookahead` method.

Introduces a `"type"` token type, makes modes that recognize types output it, and add styling for it to the themes.

New [`pasteLinesPerSelection`]( option to control the behavior of pasting multiple lines into multiple selections.

[searchcursor addon]( Support multi-line regular expression matches, and normalize strings when matching.