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Version 5.35.0

### Bug fixes

Fix problem where selection undo might change read-only documents.

Fix crash when calling `addLineWidget` on a document that has no attached editor.

[searchcursor addon]( Fix behavior of `^` in multiline regexp mode.

[match-highlighter addon]( Fix problem with matching words that have regexp special syntax in them.

[sublime bindings]( Fix `addCursorToSelection` for short lines.

[javascript mode]( Support TypeScript intersection types, dynamic `import`.

[stex mode]( Fix parsing of `\(` `\)` delimiters, recognize more atom arguments.

[haskell mode]( Highlight more builtins, support `<*` and `*>`.

[sql mode]( Make it possible to disable backslash escapes in strings for dialects that don't have them, do this for MS SQL.

[dockerfile mode]( Highlight strings and ports, recognize more instructions.

### New features

[vim bindings]( Support alternative delimiters in replace command.