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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 5.22.0
    bfdfb212 · Mark version 5.22.0 ·
    Version 5.22.0
    ### Bug fixes
    [sublime bindings]( Make `selectBetweenBrackets` work with multiple cursors.
    [javascript mode]( Fix issues with parsing complex TypeScript types, imports, and exports.
    A contentEditable editor instance with autofocus enabled no longer crashes during initializing.
    ### New features
    [emacs bindings]( Export `CodeMirror.emacs` to allow other addons to hook into Emacs-style functionality.
    [active-line addon]( Add `nonEmpty` option.
    New event: [`optionChange`](
  • 5.21.0
    b63d14df · Mark release 5.21.0 ·
    Release 5.21.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Tapping/clicking the editor in [contentEditable mode]( on Chrome now puts the cursor at the tapped position.
    Fix various crashes and misbehaviors when reading composition events in [contentEditable mode](
    Catches and ignores an IE 'Unspecified Error' when creating an editor in an iframe before there is a `<body>`.
    [merge addon]( Fix several issues in the chunk-aligning feature.
    [verilog mode]( Rewritten to address various issues.
    [julia mode]( Recognize Julia 0.5 syntax.
    [swift mode]( Various fixes and adjustments to current syntax.
    [markdown mode]( Allow lists without a blank line above them.
    ### New features
    The [`setGutterMarker`](, [`clearGutter`](, and [`lineInfo`]( methods are now available on `Doc` objects.
    The [`heightAtLine`]( method now takes an extra argument to allow finding the height at the top of the line's line widgets.
    [ruby mode]( `else` and `elsif` are now immediately indented.
    [vim bindings]( Bind Ctrl-T and Ctrl-D to in- and dedent in insert mode.
  • 5.20.2
    d221bf5d · Mark release 5.20.2 ·
    Release 5.20.2
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix `CodeMirror.version` returning the wrong version number.
  • 5.20.0
    763575c2 · Mark release 5.20.0 ·
    Release 5.20.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Make `newlineAndIndent` command work with multiple cursors on the same line.
    Make sure keypress events for backspace are ignored.
    Tokens styled with overlays no longer get a nonsense `cm-cm-overlay` class.
    Line endings for pasted content are now normalized to the editor's [preferred ending](
    [javascript mode]( Improve support for class expressions. Support TypeScript optional class properties, the `abstract` keyword, and return type declarations for arrow functions.
    [css mode]( Fix highlighting of mixed-case keywords.
    [closebrackets addon]( Improve behavior when typing a quote before a string.
    ### New features
    The core is now maintained as a number of small files, using ES6 syntax and modules, under the `src/` directory. A git checkout no longer contains a working `codemirror.js` until you `npm build` (but when installing from NPM, it is included).
    The [`refresh`]( event is now documented and stable.
  • 5.19.0
    a350d03f · Mark release 5.19.0 ·
    Release 5.19.0
    ### Bugfixes
    [erlang mode]( Fix mode crash when trying to read an empty context.
    [comment addon]( Fix broken behavior when toggling comments inside a comment.
    xml-fold addon: Fix a null-dereference bug.
    Page up and page down now do something even in single-line documents.
    Fix an issue where the cursor position could be off in really long (~8000 character) tokens.
    ### New features
    [javascript mode]( Better indentation when semicolons are missing. Better support for TypeScript classes, optional parameters, and the `type` keyword.
    The [`blur`]( and [`focus`]( events now pass the DOM event to their handlers.
  • 5.18.2
    136324e0 · Mark release 5.18.2 ·
    Release 5.18.2
    ### Bugfixes
    [vue mode]( Fix outdated references to renamed Pug mode dependency.
  • 5.18.0
    751fd52c · Mark release 5.18.0 ·
    Version 5.18.0
    ### Bugfixes
    Make sure [gutter backgrounds]( stick to the rest of the gutter during horizontal scrolling.
    The contenteditable [`inputStyle`]( now properly supports pasting on pre-Edge IE versions.
    [javascript mode]( Fix some small parsing bugs and improve TypeScript support.
    [matchbrackets addon]( Fix bug where active highlighting was left in editor when the addon was disabled.
    [match-highlighter addon]( Only start highlighting things when the editor gains focus.
    [javascript-hint addon]( Also complete non-enumerable properties.
    ### New features
    The [`addOverlay`]( method now supports a `priority` option to control the order in which overlays are applied.
    MIME types that end in `+json` now default to the JSON mode when the MIME itself is not defined.
    ### Breaking changes
    The mode formerly known as Jade was renamed to [Pug](
    The [Python mode]( now defaults to Python 3 (rather than 2) syntax.
  • 5.17.0
    b6c7f3ff · Mark release 5.17.0 ·
    Release 5.17.0
    ### Bugfixes
    Fix problem with wrapped trailing whitespace displaying incorrectly.
    Prevent IME dialog from overlapping typed content in Chrome.
    Improve measuring of characters near a line wrap.
    [javascript mode]( Improve support for `async`, allow trailing commas in `import` lists.
    [vim bindings]( Fix backspace in replace mode.
    [sublime bindings]( Fix some key bindings on OS X to match Sublime Text.
    ### New features
    [markdown mode]( Add more classes to image links in highlight-formatting mode.
  • 5.16.0
    6bd09fcc · Mark version 5.16.0 ·
    Release 5.16.0
    ### Bugfixes
    Fix glitches when dragging content caused by the drop indicator receiving mouse events.
    Make Control-drag work on Firefox.
    Make clicking or selection-dragging at the end of a wrapped line select the right position.
    [show-hint addon]( Prevent widget scrollbar from hiding part of the hint text.
    [rulers addon]( Prevent rulers from forcing a horizontal editor scrollbar.
    ### New features
    [search addon]( Automatically bind search-related keys in persistent dialog.
    [sublime keymap]( Add a multi-cursor aware smart backspace binding.
  • 5.15.2
    8097c7e7 · Mark release 5.15.2 ·
    # 5.15.2 (2016-05-20)
    ## Bugfixes
    Fix a critical document corruption bug that occurs when a document is gradually grown.
  • 5.15.0
    28844205 · Mark release 5.15.0 ·
    ## Bugfixes
    Fix bug that caused the selection to reset when focusing the editor in contentEditable input mode.
    Fix issue where not all ASCII control characters were being replaced by placeholders.
    Remove the assumption that all modes have a `startState` method from several wrapping modes.
    Fix issue where the editor would complain about overlapping collapsed ranges when there weren't any.
    Optimize document tree building when loading or pasting huge chunks of content.
    [markdown mode]( Fix several issues in matching link targets.
    [clike mode]( Improve indentation of C++ template declarations.
    ## New features
    Explicitly bind Ctrl-O on OS X to make that binding (“open line”) act as expected.
    Pasting [linewise-copied]( content when there is no selection now inserts the lines above the current line.
    [javascript mode]( Support `async`/`await` and improve support for TypeScript type syntax.
  • 5.14.2
    c50b08ba · Mark release 5.14.2 ·
    Version 5.14.2
    ### Bugfixes
    Push a new package to NPM due to an [NPM bug]( omitting the LICENSE file in 5.14.0.
    Set `dataTransfer.effectAllowed` in `dragstart` handler to help browsers use the right drag icon.
    Add the [mbox mode]( to `mode/meta.js`.
    # Write a message for tag:
    #   5.14.2
    # Lines starting with '#' will be kept; you may remove them yourself if you want to.
  • 5.14.0
    83483ef8 · Mark release 5.14.0 ·
    ## Release 5.14.0
    ### Bugfixes
    [`posFromIndex`]( and [`indexFromPos`]( now take [`lineSeparator`]( into account.
    [vim bindings]( Only call `.save()` when it is actually available.
    [commend addon]( Be careful not to mangle multi-line strings.
    [Python mode]( Improve distinguishing of decorators from `@` operators.
    [`findMarks`]( No longer return marks that touch but don't overlap given range.
    ### New features
    [vim bindings]( Add yank command.
    [match-highlighter addon]( Add `trim` option to disable ignoring of whitespace.
    [PowerShell mode]( Added.
    [Yacas mode]( Added.
    [Web IDL mode]( Added.
    [SAS mode]( Added.
    [mbox mode]( Added.
  • 5.13.4
    85c1d5f5 · Mark release 5.13.4 ·
  • 5.13.2
    c1a3e0ea · Mark release 5.13.2 ·
  • 5.13.0
    8e6158c9 · Mark release 5.13.0 ·
  • 5.12.0
    9e2e337d · Mark release 5.12.0 ·
  • 5.11.0
    7d43f32b · Mark release 5.11.0 ·
  • 5.10.0
    8a3e59cb · Mark release 5.10.0 ·
  • 5.9.0
    ec73f71e · Mark release 5.9.0 ·