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Felix Nippert requested to merge v33 into master
  • Labview File Loader (Automatic()) now injects file header as dict into object.metadata (Ex.:

{'Path': ['C:\\MESSDATEN\\Julius\\hbn\\uts_c13_1\\2024-05-14\\laserhalbwertsbreite8.plm'], 'Timestamp': ['14.05.2024 18:58'], 'Lab': ['Excimer'], 'Monochromator': ['Acton'], 'Wavelength (nm)': ['215.00'], 'Grating Lines (1/mm)': ['1200'], 'Blaze (nm)': ['300nm'], 'Focal Length (mm)': ['300.00'], 'Half Opening Angle (degree)': ['20.00'], 'CCD': ['Horiba Syncerity'], 'Accumulations': ['3'], 'Integration Time (s)': ['0.02'], 'Dark Frames': ['3'], 'Power Track': ['Correct'], 'Dark Offset': ['6578'], 'Measurement Type': ['Mapscan Cube'], 'Map Dimension X': ['3'], 'Map Dimension Y': ['297'], 'Map XY Position X (mm)': ['77.01'], 'Map XY Position Y (mm)': ['87.40'], 'Map Edge Position X (µm)': ['6.31'], 'Map Edge Position Y (µm)': ['2.86'], 'Map Pitch (µm)': ['0.25']}

  • Dark Offset is now applied to map data [Note: data.values is now float64 rather than uint64]

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