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......@@ -51,6 +51,12 @@ isis groups -u MyUserName -g "T01G01" --show 21032
# You can add somebody to a group via their email
isis groups -u MyUserName -g "T01G01" --add 21032
# ..or via their student id (if you are a TU Berlin staff member)
isis groups -u MyUserName -g "T01G01" --add 349829 21032
# A batch mode is also available, which might be useful for assigning lots of ppl to one group
isis groups -u MyUserName -g "QISPOS-angemeldet" --batch-add 21032 < ids_from_qispos.txt
# Download all group submissions for a selected assignment (interactive)
isis dl -u MyUserName 21032
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