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The BigEarthNet archive and csv files for the list of patches should be downloaded first. Either [GDAL]( or [rasterio]( package should be installed. To use the resulting pixel values of patches, [NumPy]( package can also be installed.
#### Python script to extract names and download links of the Sentinel-2 1C level tiles that were used to create the BigEarthNet image patches ([](
This script creates a csv file whose each row contains the patch name, corresponding Sentinel-2 1C tile name and tile download link.
* Examples:
python -r BigEarthNet-v1.0/ -u <COPERNICUS_HUB_USERNAME> -p <COPERNICUS_HUB_PASSWORD> -o tile_names_links.csv
* Requirements for running:
The BigEarthNet archive should be downloaded first. [sentinelsat]( package should be installed to search tiles within Copernicus Open Access Hub via sentinelsat API.
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