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Test assignment

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from module_1 import is_positive, is_even
def is_even_and_positive(number):
Please modify the function body of this function so that
- `y` is True if `x` is an even and positive integer
- `y` is `False` in all other cases
# This function body should be edited such that
# it contains the correct solution
raise NotImplementedError
# one possibility would be to use the functions
# provided by module_1
# return is_even(number) and is_positive(number)
# 0th Assignment: Test your setup
This assignment only contains a simple test task. You should use it to set up your workflow. Make sure everything works before the graded assignments will start next week. The current assignment will not be graded.
## Ex. 0.1: Install git
`git` is a software used in virtually every software project to track changes and versions of code across large collaborations. We will use it in this course to provide coding assignments to you, and to get the solutions back from you.
To install `git`, please follow the instructions here:
## Ex. 0.2: Fork this repo and clone it from your own git repository
If you can directly fork on this gitlab, do the following:
1. If you can directly fork on this gitlab, click the 'fork' button on top right of the gitlab webpage to create your own fork of this repo on this gitlab. If you cannot directly fork on this gitlab, see the instructions below.
2. Open a bash shell and navigate to a folder of your choice. The folder containing this repo will become a subfolder of this folder.
3. Clone the repo using `git clone YOURFORK`. Here, `YOURFORK` is the URL of your fork of this repo. For example, if you forked directly on this gitlab, it will look like this: ``
git clone YOURFORK
4. `cd` into the repo folder that appeared: `cd ai-student-workspace`
## Ex. 0.3 Give the course tutors reading access to your repo
If you are using the TU gitlab, please add the following accounts:
- ischubert
- driessdy
The role should be at least `Reporter` for these accounts.
## Ex. 0.4 Tell us where your repo is located
Send an E-Mail to containing the following:
1. Your name
2. Your student ID number (Matrikelnummer)
3. The names and student ID numbers of everybody else in your group.
4. The URL of your repo, i.e. `YOURFORK`.
## Ex. 0.5: Open assignment
Throughout this course, each assignment will be given as a subfolder of `ai-student-workspace`. For example, the assignment subfolder for the present assignment is `00-test-setup`. Inside each assignment subfolder, you will find
1. Files containing code that you **should not edit**
2. One `` that explains the task
3. One single file that you should edit according to the task. For the present assignment, this file is called ``. For later assignments, these files will be called ``, ``, and so on. **This is the only file that should be edited**.
## Ex. 0.6: Complete assignment
Inside ``, there will be functions / code that you should change so that they generate the desired output.
As an example, please modify the function body of the function `y = is_even_and_positive(x)` so that
- `y` is True if `x` is an even and positive integer
- `y` is `False` in all other cases
Do not change the function name!
Of course there are many ways to solve this, but one would be to use the functions provided in `` like this:
from module_1 import is_positive, is_even
## Ex. 0.7: Stage, commit, and push your solution
Once you are finished, *stage* your changes using
cd ai-student-workspace/00-test-setup
git add
Then *commit* your changes using
git commit
This will save your changes to ``. You will be asked to provide a commit message.
Push your new commit to your forked repository using
git push
After the assignment deadline, we can now automatically test whether `is_even` returns correct values.
## Ex. 0.8: Pull before the next assignment
The next assignment will be added to this repo, as a new subfolder. In order to bring your own fork up-to-date with these changes, you need to merge.
TODO detailed explanation
If you only committed changes in ``, you will be able to merge without conflicts.
\ No newline at end of file
This is a module containing functions that can be used for the solution
def is_positive(number):
return number > 0
def is_even(number):
return number % 2 == 0
\ No newline at end of file
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