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### API
**The ALExANDRA middleware for client access is actively being worked on. For now, access to FReD is only possible directly via the gRPC API.**
**Clients should preferably use the ALExANDRA middleware! All API methods are available here, plus some nice-to-haves such as client-centric consistency when using version vectors!**
FReD uses a gRPC API.
The main benefit is that language libraries can easily be generated by using the `protoc` compiler.
Compare that to JSON + HTTP + REST, where you need to roll your language-specific code or we would need to provide different libraries.
For test purposes, the compiled Go language files are already available in `./proto/client`.
For test purposes, the compiled Go and Python language files are already available in `./proto/middleware`.
To compile your own language bindings, read more about protobuf [here](
The API provides endpoints to interact with FReD on five different aspects:
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