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##### Linting
Linting is done with the `golint` utility.
It finds some basic errors and style faults and marks them.
We use the [`golangci-lint`]( to run a number of linting tasks on our code.
Check [the documentation]( to install it on your machine.
Once the utility is available to you, run `make lint` to lint all Go code files in the repository.
This uses the [default list of linters](, finds some basic errors and style faults, and marks them.
These linting errors mostly don't make the code invalid but ignoring them can lead to bad code quality.
Use `make lint` to lint everything.
##### Static Check
##### Mega-Linting
The `staticcheck` utility is a more advanced linter for Go code that also checks for errors that might occur at runtime.
Execute `make staticcheck` to check everything.
Check the [Documentation]( for a full list of warnings and how to fix them.
Additionally, we also provide the `make megalint` command in our Makefile.
This runs a number of additional checks on the code, yet passing these checks is not mandatory for code to be merged into the repository.
#### Unit Tests
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