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......@@ -179,12 +179,14 @@ Your initial FReD deployment is now complete!
If you want to try it out, use the `client.proto` in `./proto` to build a client or use [`grpcc`]( to get a REPL interface:
docker build -t grpcc -f grpcc.Dockerfile .
docker build -it grpcc -f grpcc.Dockerfile .
docker run \
-v $(pwd)/nase/tls/fredclient.crt:/cert/fredclient.crt \
-v $(pwd)/nase/tls/fredclient.key:/cert/fredclient.key \
-v $(pwd)/nase/tls/ca.crt:/cert/ca.crt \
-v $(pwd)/proto/client/client.proto:/client.proto \
--network=fredwork \
--ip= \
grpcc \
grpcc -p client.proto \
-a \
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