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savefig now also saves a file resources.txt by default, which contains all...

savefig now also saves a file resources.txt by default, which contains all loaded package names and versions

wish for the future: 'pip freeze' functionality, where URLs are present with commit hashes (e.g. analyzebd @ git+
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import pkg_resources
from pathlib import Path
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from analyzebd.helpers.clock import Clock
def savefig(fname, formats=None, verbose=True, **kwargs):
def writeSourcesToFile(fname="resources.txt", verbose=False):
fname = Path(fname)
installed_packages = pkg_resources.working_set
# needed step to sort list
installed_packages_list = sorted([f"{i.key}=={i.version}" for i in installed_packages])
installed_packages_str = ""
for s in installed_packages_list:
installed_packages_str += f"{s}\n"
with open(fname, "w") as f:
if verbose:
print(f"Saved resources to {}")
return True
def savefig(fname, formats=None, save_resources=True, verbose=True, **kwargs):
Save the current figure with the specified formats.
:param formats: str or list of str (default: ['.png', '.pdf'])
......@@ -27,4 +44,6 @@ def savefig(fname, formats=None, verbose=True, **kwargs):
if verbose:
print(f"Saved plot to {} ... {clock(-2, -1)}")
return outnames
\ No newline at end of file
if save_resources:
return outnames
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