Commit 9a4a2fcc authored by Ingmar Schubert's avatar Ingmar Schubert
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parent 0b33d987
from module_1 import is_positive, is_even
def is_even_and_positive(y):
def is_even_and_positive(x):
Please modify the body of this function so that it returns
- True if `y` is an even and positive integer
- True if `x` is an even and positive integer
- False in all other cases
# This function body should be edited such that
......@@ -12,4 +12,4 @@ def is_even_and_positive(y):
# one possibility would be to use the functions
# provided by module_1
# return is_even(y) and is_positive(y)
# return is_even(x) and is_positive(x)
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