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GENeSYS-MOD is a linear program, minimizing total system costs. Energy demands are exogenously predefined and the model needs to provide the necessary capacities to meet them. To achieve a cost-optimal energy mix, the model considers a plethora of different technology options, including generation, sector coupling, and storages.
### Quick-Start Guide
### The openENTRANCE Horizon 2020 EU project
![alt text](Docs/open_entrance.png "openENTRANCE Logo")
GENeSYS-MOD is used within the EU-funded project [openENTRANCE]( You can find the publicly accessible scenario explorer, including the input data here: [](
## Quick-Start Guide
#### Starting a default model run
Default and fallback values for the command line parameters are found in the file **genesysmod.gms**:
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[Version 2.0]:
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